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Ophthalmology Hospital – The Puerta de Hierro Ophthalmology Institute began operations in May 2004, as a medical unit made up of specialist surgeons focused on providing timely diagnosis and treatment for the benefit of the community.

Since its inception, the institute has distinguished itself as a specialized medical unit due to its experience, innovation and human warmth, generating an atmosphere of trust and security for the patient who requires an ophthalmological procedure.

State-of-the-art equipment and specialist doctors attend and correct the most frequent vision ailments; such as refractive errors, cataracts, glaucoma, among others.

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Refractive procedures:

Excimer Laser and PRK: Traditional surgery for correction of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Smile and Femtolásik: Surgery without a razor cut for the correction of hyperopia and astigmatism, generating corneal stability, immediate recovery and lower risk of infections.

Surgery with precision, without manual cuts, obtaining better results in vision.

Treatment of other pathologies:

Corneal crosslinking, which allows the treatment of keratoconus; that is, the preparation of tunnels for the placement of intracorneal rings through the powerful Femtosecond technology.

ICL lens placement, which is distinguished for being a treatment that allows the correction of patients with high myopia.

Corneal transplants:

Made with cutting-edge technology in favor of the quality of life of patients.

General ophthalmology:

Cataract surgery with Femtosecond laser, a procedure that is performed without a scalpel cut and with greater precision.

Vitrectomy, treatment aimed at retinal pathologies.

Oculoplasty, orbit and eyelid surgery.

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