Breast Clinic

A specialized center that provides comprehensive care to women, for the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases.

Multidisciplinary medical team adds knowledge and experience for the evaluation and treatment of each particular case.

Patient gets all lab, radiology, blood bank, chemotherapy, and more services; In one single place.

Why go to the Hospital Puerta de Hierro Breast Clinic?

  • We have expert doctors involved from various specialties for the diagnosis and treatment of different breast conditions, mainly breast cancer.
  • You will find all the doctors of the Breast Clinic grouped in an area designed in and for women, where in addition to receiving the best medical care, you will receive a humane and professional treatment.
  • The treatments of each patient will be discussed in joint sessions between all the doctors of the breast clinic, providing the security of receiving the best care.
  • Active participation with Mayo Clinic breast clinics, as well as the presentation in these sessions of complex cases diagnosed at the Puerta de Hierro Hospital Breast Clinic.

Our quality standards

  • Comprehensive care according to national and international clinical guidelines for the management of breast cancer.
  • Multidisciplinary medical sessions for the discussion of the treatments of each patient. Case discussions with other international breast clinics.
  • Doctors specialized in each of the services involved.
  • Quality radiological studies (mammography, ultrasound, magnetic resonance) interpreted by certified breast radiologists.
  • Imaging studies the same day, or complementary studies the next day.
  • Diagnosis within 7 days of your first visit.
  • 97% of diagnoses are made by minimally invasive biopsies, either in the office or guided by some imaging method.
  • The patient receives his first treatment during the next 30 days, from his arrival at the clinic.
  • Surgical and medical treatments adhering to international standards (National Comprehensive Cancer Network).
Senior woman breast clinic

I am an iron woman

I am an iron woman

Hospital Puerta de Hierro Andares-Breast Clinic

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Floor 5, Tower of Specialties, Hospital Puerta de Hierro Andares.
Av. Empresarios # 150
Col. Puerta de Hierro, CP 45116
Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico
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