Minimally Invasive Hybrid Center.

The Puerta de Hierro Minimally Invasive Hybrid Center is unique in its kind, since it combines a hybrid operating room –designed to perform minimally invasive procedures– with the robotic C-arch system. Artis Phene . This allows to obtain precise images of the body, which are processed and combined in softwares specialized, which help direct procedures with great precision.

It also has a hemodynamic room where predominantly cardiac and neurological catheterizations are performed, to attend emergencies such as heart attacks or cerebral embolisms.

The fusion of these two allows minimally invasive interventions to be performed in the most precise and safe way for patients, which translates into better results and faster recoveries.

This hybrid room is installed on floor 3 of the Puerta de Hierro Specialty Tower ; located in the corporate zone of Andares (Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico).

Hybrid operating room at the Minimally Invasive Hybrid Center
Artis Pheno Hybrid Center for Minimum Invasion

More precise, less invasive surgeries and with less recovery time

Puerta de Hierro Andares Hospital-Minimally Invasive Hybrid Center

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