Mayo Clinic Care Network

Puerta de Hierro Hospitals It is the only hospital group in the west of the country that belongs to the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

This allows us to work together with Mayo Clinic, the # 1 hospital in the United States, according to a report by US News & World Report .

Thanks to that, our doctors provide a more certain experience in the diagnosis and treatment of their patients.

Some of the tools that Mayo Clinic provides exclusively to members of its clinical network are:

Ask Mayo

It is the database with medical information created by Mayo Clinic specialists; with protocols, treatment recommendations, and referrals that can be used in the care setting.

Electronic boards
or eBoards

They are live videoconferences that allow physicians to review and discuss complex case management with a multidisciplinary team of Mayo Clinic specialists and other members of the health care network.


Also known as eConsults, they allow physicians to contact Mayo Clinic specialists for additional opinion on specific cases.

Consulting for
medical care

Support with the opinion of experts to promote best practices and thus improve the care of our patients.

Mayo Clinic

Consultation of educational material designed for the patient, as well as opportunities for professional development and access to Mayo Clinic programs, for continuing medical education.

All these benefits at no extra cost to the doctor and his patient.

Contact us at or by calling 3338484031.

Mayo Clinic It is a medical society considered number 1 on the honorary list of the best hospitals in the United States; recognized as one of the most outstanding internationally. In addition, it is a world leader in clinical research.

With more than a century of experience, Mayo Clinic provides successful medical care to more than one million patients around the world.

Multidisciplinary healthcare system

The doctors who are part of this institution advise each other; which generates a multidisciplinary discussion network. In this way, they guarantee optimal care and treatment for each of their patients.

This specialized medical care system is only used in fifty hospitals around the world, of which two are in Mexico. Being a high-quality benefit, network hospitals must demonstrate excellent standards of patient care and service.